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Bridges and Dentures

Kimbolton Dental Practice

A missing tooth or teeth due to decay, or because of an injury sustained can be both unsightly and uncomfortable. Missing teeth can drastically change your facial appearance and long term have a negative impact on the health of remaining teeth. A bridge of denture may be the solution.

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Fixed Bridges

Prior to a dental examination your dentist will gather your dental history, including your dental x-rays.

A thorough examination will be made of all your teeth, paying particular attention to any previous dental work to check their integrity. The dentist may take the opportunity to give your teeth a scale and polish.

If any problems are spotted, your dentist will explain their diagnosis and discuss treatment options.

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Partial or Full Denture

A denture is the easiest and most cost-effective way to replace missing teeth, but some people find them uncomfortable and those opting for a partial denture often prefer to change to a bridge.

Dentures consist of a metal or acrylic base with gum coloured plastic overlaid with a false tooth fixed onto it. They can be held in place by metal or cosmetic clasps, which may be visible when the mouth is open.

If you feel implant stabilised dentures are within your budget, then again we are able to provide this for you here at the Practice. 

By anchoring your dentures in a fixed position using dental implants, you will have the complete security of knowing that your teeth will not move when you laugh, smile or talk. You will even be able to enjoy foods such as apples. This increasingly popular treatment option is more affordable than a having a large number of implants and can provide denture wearers with the freedom to smile.

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