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Dental Implants

Kimbolton Dental Practice

Here at Kimbolton Dental Practice we are very proud to offer what is considered by many to be the most modern and best treatment for missing teeth; dental implants.

Dentures, crowns and bridges are a great option for dental restoration, but implants are truly the most innovative option currently available. Unlike conventional options like dentures, implants replace the complete tooth root. This means they offer the most natural-feeling and secure base for attaching a crown, denture or bridge. No slippage or cleaning to worry about, just an incredibly natural feeling smile!

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a medical-grade titanium metal device that is placed in the jawbone to effectively replace the tooth root. During a precise surgical procedure, one or several implants are placed (depending on your needs). As you heal from the treatment, the implant becomes part of the body over a few months as the device naturally fuses with the jawbone. This fusing and healing process is what makes the implant such a strong base for a replacement crown.

Why Are Dental Implants Such An Excellent Solution For Missing Teeth?

We are pleased to offer this popular treatment for replacing missing teeth as it is incredibly innovative and represents one of the most cutting-edge treatments in dental restoration.

As well as providing a strong, long-lasting natural base for replacement crowns, dental implants slow down the loss of jawbone that occurs as a result of tooth loss. This helps to protect and in some cases restore the structure of the face and the integrity of the surrounding natural teeth.

Dental Implants Could Be The Best Option For You

Recognised as the most effective way to replace missing teeth, dental implants look and feel incredibly natural. They are a great option for anybody wanting to replace one tooth, several teeth, or entire arches of teeth with the most long-lasting, sustainable option currently available. Whether you struggle with loose traditional dentures, or you're self-conscious about missing teeth and want to invest in the latest in dental technology to restore your smile, implants are a fantastic option designed to look and feel great.

How Dental Implant Surgery Works

A dental implant is made up of the titanium 'tooth root' section, an abutment which is where the dental crown attaches, and then the crown itself. We will be delighted to discuss dental implants with you at a detailed consultation where we can check your suitability for treatment, and provide you with all the relevant information about the procedure.

Once a treatment plan has been agreed, you will come in on an agreed date for the fitting of the implant. If bone grafts are part of your treatment plan, you'll have these prior to dental implant fitting.

During treatment we will make you comfortable, with the implant area being totally numb from effective local anaesthetic. Next we add the titanium root, which is incredibly strong, lightweight and safe for placement within the jawbone. We will then place more implants depending on the amount agreed in your treatment plan. This may be one single implant for one tooth, multiple implants for individual missing teeth throughout the mouth, one or two implants to support implant retained bridges, or precisely placed implants to support entire arch replacements.

After we have placed your implant we allow the healing process to occur, which can take up to 6 months but often faster. We may place temporary crowns during this time, depending on your suitability throughout the healing process.

Once the implants are bonded with the jawbone successfully we will add the abutment part of the device which is the section that holds the crowns in place. The final crowns are then fitted and your dental restoration is complete.


If you would like an overview of prices for this revolutionary treatment here in Bedford, please do have a look at our website prices page. We will provide a more precise pricing plan for you during your dental implants consultation with us.

Please call our team on 01234355966 to book an appointment at a time convenient to you. Dental implants are an incredibly natural-feeling, innovative long-term solution for replacing missing teeth, so for the ultimate in tooth-replacement technology, please speak to us about dental implant treatment today.

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